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There’s a Panda, a Manatee, and a Cow eating casserole in this… worth the read and you learn stuff.

Where is my dog???


"Has anyone seen Nikki?"


"Whut kind of dog, is it?  Seen a number of them running wild."

Graveyard Shift

He’d just finished stocking the cartons of cigarettes and set aside a Morely brand for himself, tucking it beneath the counter.  He glanced idly at the clock, it was 3am, only an hour to go, and he was bored out of his mind.

No one had told Spike that being a champion or whatever you wanted to call it meant having to hold down some rubbish job.  He dropped down onto the little stool behind the bullet proof glass and flipped open a Soap Digest and started to idly page through it.  After a few minutes he felt the familiar urge to pocket something… being a hero sucked sometimes.

It was the tiny ding of the door that distracted him and he looked up to see who had entered.

Newsflash || Spike and Ruby


There was nothing more unnerving than going up against a creature like this. For all intents and purposes, a vampire, but definitely nothing like the vampires she was used to.

Salvatore brothers, well, she’d never fought them, so she didn’t know. But this guy wasn’t much like anything she’d been able to pull up on the internet. All she could figure out was vamp, from the fangs. The face was another matter. 

"You look like something the cat dragged in, gorgeous," she panted, trying to wedge a knee between his legs while he was pinning her to the wall. "Also, next time, don’t go for seconds, ‘kay?"

Spike tried to subdue the woman who’d started to attack him, He’d been in the middle of chasing down another vampire he’d been hunting and hadn’t realized his game face was showing.  He had to remember to be more careful in this berg, and growled out, “Seconds? Wasn’t — ugh balls…”

He grimaced as her knee connected with his bits, and slammed her back against the wall with a smirk.  ”Well, aren’t we a feisty one? Time was I’d have loved to tear into your throat.”

Closing his eyes Spike let out a sigh as he realized this wasn’t the best way to get someone to calm down and listen to him. So he let his face fall back to its less threatening human mask. “Right, knee to the bullocks got me a bit over-zealous there.  Whut say we calm down, and talk this out, yeh?”

 He let her go and stepped back, hands up in a sign of truce, “And for the record, I am pretty gorgeous.”