Wonders Never Cease


"You should speak for yourself, William. Didn’t you somewhat fatally close the hellmouth? Which is a heroic feat, certainly, but a little fruitless considering that there’s another one in Cleveland. However did you come back?" She inquired. "I…I’ll admit I’m not sure how I’ve been brought back this time. I’ve come to the conclusion that the universe just can’t go on without me, hence the inexplicable resurrections."

"That death wasn’t really meant for me," Spike said leaning back against a wall as he dug out his pack of cigarettes from the breast pocket of his duster and pulled out the smoke, before tucking it back into place.  "Was meant for Angel, but I took his place.  Can thank that tiny Texan lawyer from Wolfram and Hart for my spirit then corporeal form."

Sparking the tip of the cigarette he exhaled and smiled.

Wrapping things up… OPEN


An odd scent accompanied the gentle impact as Nova brushed past the blond man. Odd enough that it had her pausing and glancing back, her pale blue eyes suddenly curious.

Spike muttered some excuse me as he headed toward hte door but he felt eyes on him and paused, then turned, “Can I help you?”

Biding Time // Crowley and Spike // Closed



"What about me? Aren’t I commanding and threatening enough to be an authority figure? Or do I need to be wearing a kinglier tie? One with a stick pin, so you know I mean business."

"Very but in a more clever way than most I deal with… See you made me like you before you pulled control," He snorted.



"Good deal. I’m down like an Alligheri tour!"

Shoving her hands in the pockets oh what was once her bosses’ coat, Starr appeared bright and totally unfazed by her company. But as they walked, she offered, “I didn’t get your name. I’m Starr. I’m sorry if the whole ‘sunny’ comment made you worry. Truth is I get along with just about everyone, upstairs, down, or in between. Just so long as they don’t trample all over my grass, you know?”


"A whut now tour?  You don’t have to turn things up to eleven, just a drink, they got other stuff too… probably whutever angels or whutever drink."

He headed down the the way until they reached the bar he was indicating to and opened the door, holding it open for her. “Step on your grass?”

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